The new ecosystem of construction is here

Welco­me to sus­tai­nable col­la­bo­ra­tion, whe­re the envi­ron­men­tal chal­len­ges of con­struc­tion are sol­ved uti­lizing circu­lar economy!

What’s happening at Trifami right now?


 7/ 2022 Tri­fa­mi 3D invol­ved in imple­men­ting Circu­lar Eco­no­my Design in Iit­ta­la Village

5 / 2022 HAMK stu­dents design pro­ducts made of recycled concrete

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Cur­rent­ly news: Busi­ness Deve­lop­ment Grant

Tri­fa­mi 3D has applied for a busi­ness deve­lop­ment grant from the Cent­re for Eco­no­mic Deve­lop­ment, Trans­port and the Envi­ron­ment (ELY) in spring 2022.

We have alrea­dy car­ried out two pro­jects to inves­ti­ga­te the poten­tial use of conc­re­te rubble as a raw mate­rial for neoconc­re­te. Through research and prac­tical pilots, we have deve­lo­ped an alter­na­ti­ve demo­li­tion process for demo­li­tion sites. As a result of the­se stu­dies, we have also defi­ned an industrial way of pro­ducing new conc­re­te pro­ducts from recycled conc­re­te mixes.

Trifami 3D LTD

What is it about?

Trifami 3D is Hämeenlinna-based start-up company founded in 2018, to implement a completely new construction concept. We are coordinators of a coherent service package – an ecosystem with main cornerstones being new technologies, the right partners, and a circular economy. Trifami 3D LTD produces construction solutions that also the future can bear.

  • Conc­re­te bin­der cement pro­duces up to 5% of the world’s CO2 emis­sions (more than aviation!)
  • Glo­bal­ly, half a ton of cement is pro­duced per per­son per year and because of urba­niza­tion the demand is cons­tant­ly increasing
  • The­re is a serious search for a cement subs­ti­tu­te to curb car­bon emis­sions - but could emis­sions also be cut by recycling?
  • Reno­va­tion and new build con­struc­tion gene­ra­te huge amounts of demo­li­tion was­te, which end up as ener­gy main­ly through incineration
  • The EU ‘s mini­mum recycling rate for demo­li­tion was­te from buil­dings is 70% by 2020
  • Cur­rent­ly in Fin­land 40% of demo­li­tion was­te is recycled
  • Stric­ter emis­sion limits will glo­bal­ly steer con­struc­tion towards a gree­ner direc­tion in the 2020s
  • Demo­li­tion was­te and other was­te streams are found all over the world and they are often proble­ma­tic for their producers
  • Rapid recon­struc­tion of disas­ter areas is an impor­tant huma­ni­ta­rian issue
  • 3D prin­ting is a revo­lu­tio­na­ry and cons­tant­ly evol­ving tech­no­lo­gy that pro­vi­des an easy, fast and affor­dable way to build
Trifami 3d

Together and sustainably


Our aim is to deve­lop the con­struc­tion industry eco­lo­gical­ly and inno­va­ti­ve­ly. Big goals, such as the deve­lop­ment of Fin­land’s circu­lar eco­no­my and the recon­struc­tion of disas­ter areas, are high­ly impor­tant to us. It is pos­sible to achie­ve the­se goals with the right kind of tech­no­lo­gy (for example, 3D prin­ting), efficient mate­rial reuse and brin­ging toget­her the right kind of actors.

Reusing con­struc­tion was­te at con­struc­tion sites is one of the most sig­ni­ficant ways to reduce car­bon dioxi­de emis­sions. Howe­ver, the envi­ron­men­tal effects of recycling con­struc­tion was­te are not the only rea­son to pro­mo­te the issue. It also eases the work of con­struc­tion cont­rac­tors, lowers con­struc­tion, logis­tics and land­fill costs, and enables the con­struc­tion of more affor­dable houses.

We at Tri­fa­mi 3D coor­di­na­te an eco­sys­tem where:

- The com­pa­ny decon­struct and and proces­ses the demo­li­tion waste.

- The com­pa­ny proces­ses the demo­li­tion was­te and pro­duces raw mate­rials from it, both for its own use and for sale.

- The com­pa­ny manu­fac­tu­res recycled pro­ducts itself (E.g. uti­lizing the 3D printing).

- The com­pa­ny owns and sells intan­gible goods for uti­lizing recycled concrete.

Imple­men­ting a circu­lar eco­no­my is not always pos­sible on your own. You need to be sur­roun­ded by the right actors with the same will­power. Our task is to bring the­se actors toget­her and offer our own exper­ti­se to sup­port the imple­men­ta­tion. Con­tact us and let’s talk more about how we can achie­ve the­se goals together!

Reuse of materials


For the time being, the reused conc­re­te mate­rial is used in civil engi­nee­ring, but not yet in buil­ding construction.


Bricks can be uti­lized in the same way as conc­re­te, but brick no lon­ger achie­ves its pre­vious pro­per­ties when reused.


Can be used not only in 3D prin­ting, but also in civil engi­nee­ring and heat production.


Can be used as an insu­la­tion mate­rial in buil­ding con­struc­tion and in civil engineering.

Construction site process

Sorting of demolition waste

Conc­re­te and wood




Recycled conc­re­te into buil­ding mate­rial and wood bioc­har for infra­struc­tu­re construction



New construction

Sustainable business

Business idea

We want to deve­lop the con­struc­tion industry eco­lo­gical­ly and inno­va­ti­ve­ly by crea­ting an eco­sys­tem which uti­lizes exis­ting demo­li­tion mate­rials as efficient­ly as pos­sible, and to pro­duce buil­dings using new tech­no­lo­gies toget­her with a network of partners.




  • Eco­lo­gy - the cor­ners­to­ne of our ope­ra­tions is to reduce the bur­den on Earth
  • Com­mu­na­li­ty - our acti­vi­ties are based on mul­ti­discipli­na­ry exper­ti­se and com­bi­ning ideas
  • Res­pon­si­bi­li­ty - we have a conscience to take res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for both the envi­ron­ment and people
  • Posi­ti­vi­ty - we are con­struc­ti­ve towards chal­len­ges and always aim to find solutions
  • Deve­lop­ment - new ideas, tech­no­lo­gies and proces­ses enable our acti­vi­ties, through which we cont­ri­bu­te to buil­ding a bet­ter future
  • Equa­li­ty - we stri­ve to address chal­len­ges at a glo­bal level for the bene­fit of all humankind
  • Huma­ni­ty - we use man-made tech­no­lo­gy and ideas to bene­fit people

Environmental friendliness




New research data


New practices for the industry


Vision 2025

Trifami 3D LTD is an innovator in the construction industry - an expert in the circular economy, promoter and implementer, a pioneer in the utilization of construction waste, a promoter of carbon neutrality and a humanitarian actor.


  • Our tur­no­ver is more than 3 ME

Customers and markets

  • We ope­ra­te in Fin­land and elsew­he­re in Europe
  • Our ser­vices are used by pri­va­te indi­vi­duals as well as by public and third sec­tor actors

Products and services

  • Uti­liza­tion of demo­li­tion waste
  • Reci­pe for recycled concrete
  • Mobi­le con­tai­ner solution
  • 3D tech­no­lo­gy in new build construction
  • Eco­sys­tem coordination


  • We direct­ly employ 10 people
  • The­re are seve­ral ser­vice pro­vi­ders in our network
  • We are a major partner


Our foun­ders are uni­ted by a fear­less atti­tu­de and a desi­re to build a bet­ter futu­re. The Tri­fa­mi 3D team is also comple­men­ted by a num­ber of other experts in their field. You can read more about Tri­fa­mi staff here.

Timo Sollo

Chair­man of the Board



Con­struc­tion process knowledge

Reetta Tolonen-Salo


Sales and marketing


Cor­po­ra­te governance

Harri Hildén 

Board mem­ber


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Timo’s, Reetta’s and Harri’s 3D printed glasses from Tori Optiikka, Hämeenlinna.

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