The pur­po­se of low-car­bon con­struc­tion is to mini­mize CO2 emis­sions from con­struc­tion. This is of great impor­tance for miti­ga­ting cli­ma­te chan­ge, as more than a third of Fin­land’s green­house gas emis­sions come from buil­dings and con­struc­tion. Low car­bon will beco­me part of buil­ding regu­la­tions and an enti­ty that aims for Fin­land’s car­bon neut­ra­li­ty by 2035. 

The pur­po­se of low-car­bon con­struc­tion is to reduce green­house gas emis­sions at all sta­ges of con­struc­tion. In 2017, the Mini­stry of the Envi­ron­ment publis­hed a road­map for low-car­bon con­struc­tion, sta­ting that reducing the car­bon footprint of buil­dings will be part of buil­ding regu­la­tions by the mid-2020s. Low car­bon is also part of the reform of the Land Use and Con­struc­tion Act, which aims to bring the govern­ment’s pro­po­sal to an end by 2021. Low car­bon is reflec­ted in seve­ral ent­ries in the govern­ment pro­gram. Road maps for low-car­bon con­struc­tion will be acce­le­ra­ted and car­bon neut­ra­li­ty and the impor­tance of green spaces in the deve­lop­ment of resi­den­tial areas will be emphasized. 

An assess­ment met­hod has been deve­lo­ped for low-car­bon con­struc­tion, which is inten­ded to faci­li­ta­te the calcu­la­tion of the cli­ma­te impact of con­struc­tion. The assess­ment takes into account, for example, ener­gy use and con­sump­tion, the car­bon footprint of trans­port, the choice of buil­ding mate­rial and mate­rial efficiency. The key is that the assess­ment takes into account the enti­re life cycle of the buil­ding. The car­bon handprint of the buil­ding is also taken into account. The car­bon footprint refers to the cli­ma­te bene­fits of a buil­ding that would not ari­se wit­hout the con­struc­tion pro­ject. This takes into account, for example, “Green­house gas emis­sions avoi­ded through the reuse of buil­ding com­po­nents or the recycling of mate­rials”. The eva­lua­tion met­hod for low-car­bon con­struc­tion is being furt­her updated. 

Low-car­bon con­struc­tion is the new nor­mal for futu­re, in which Fin­land is alrea­dy on its way. Taking into account the cli­ma­te impact of con­struc­tion has an impor­tant role to play in ensu­ring a more sus­tai­nable future.